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A Brief History of Data Literacy

March 2, 2021


Data Literacy is essentially the ability to read and understand data, much as one might read and understand a magazine article. The primary advantage of having the bulk of the staff made up of people who are data literate is […]

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Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Ethics

February 23, 2021


Combining ethics with Data Management and artificial intelligence can build an organization people will trust. Ethical behavior promotes the smooth functioning of human interactions, which includes business, and supports the overall community. AI has the potential to make ethical decisions […]

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7 traits that separate IT leaders from IT managers

February 16, 2021

Via: CIO

Most CIOs were, at previous stages in their careers, IT managers. Unfortunately, despite raises in pay and responsibility, many CIOs continue to behave and perform like managers rather than C-level executives. An IT leader who can’t shake loose from bygone […]

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7 key questions facing the future of work

February 8, 2021

Via: CIO

NorthMarq CIO Dan Ritch looks back on the tumult of 2020 with a healthy perspective on his IT team’s accomplishments during COVID-19’s workplace upheaval, and with reverence for what lies ahead. On the bright side, “It gave me more perspective […]

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Love it or hate it: How do you feel about working remotely? We want to know.

January 28, 2021

Via: ZDnet

Remote work has become a crucial component of enterprises, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some companies are bringing employees back on-site, others have committed to remote work for the foreseeable future. Research from Nintex shows that remote work has […]

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Prepare for the work-from-anywhere revolution

January 14, 2021

Via: InfoWorld

Traditional in-person physical offices have been disappearing from our work lives for many years. With pandemic-wracked 2020 receding into history, many sectors of the global economy now have experienced the pleasures and frustrations of working from home. Emergence of hybrid […]

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Reports of the Death of the Office Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

January 11, 2021

Via: CIO

If you will allow an indulgence of a paraphrase of Mark Twain’s frequently misrepresented quote: “the reports of the death of the office have been greatly exaggerated.” As corporations have now had a deeper opportunity to analyze the impact of […]

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Predictions for Future of Work in 2021 

December 21, 2020

Via: CIO

The application-first economy and future of work that was emerging over the past few years suddenly got a jolt of adrenaline when the pandemic hit. COVID-19 forced everything from digital computing, healthcare, large scale supply chain, the service economy, and […]

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Putting Your Data To Strategic Use

December 16, 2020

Via: CMSWire

Data is a vast and nebulous subject that nonetheless can make or break a company. When companies generate and unify good data, they can create actionable insights and optimize processes for a number of teams within the organization. But when […]

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IT Resume Makeover: Setting the tone for IT leadership from the top

December 11, 2020

Via: CIO

Objectively narrowing down your achievements, skills, and expertise when writing your resume can be daunting for anyone, especially for those with a storied career. IT leaders in particular can be susceptible to selling themselves short. Adept at weeding out candidates […]