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Adobe Breaks New Ground to Support Enhanced Personalization with Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Audience Manager

October 18, 2019

Via: CIO

The goal of every brand is to deliver a compelling, personalized experience across all channels and touchpoints. Simple in concept, this is decidedly difficult to execute. To start, meeting this challenge requires a single, comprehensive view of the customer. Obtaining […]

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Labor leaders and startup founders talk how to build a sustainable gig economy

October 16, 2019

Via: Tech Crunch

Over the past few years, gig economy companies and the treatment of their labor force has become a hot button issue for public and private sector debate. At our recent annual Disrupt event in San Francisco, we dug into how […]

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At Amtrak, business-IT co-creation engineers CX success

October 14, 2019

Via: CIO

Delivering a superior customer experience (CX) requires close partnerships between IT leaders and their business peers. That’s been the ticket for Amtrak, where IT and marketing are co-creating digital services to inspire brand loyalty among the 30 million passengers it […]

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How code reuse drives business change at the DWP

October 11, 2019

Via: ComputerWeekly

The Department for Work and Pensions has created an internal portal based on MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform to manage and promote reuse of a growing number of common application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be shared across different areas of the […]

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Working Title: Best-in-Class Windows 10 Management with Workspace ONE

October 9, 2019

Via: CIO

Windows 10 represents a major upgrade from Windows 7. For enterprises, it provides a substantial improvement in the ability to manage Windows devices. However, comprehensive endpoint management requires additional capabilities beyond what Windows 10 alone can provide. In particular, new […]

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Why Business IT transformation requires a new CIO mindset

October 8, 2019

Via: CIO

The average age of an S&P 500 company has now shrunk to less than 20 years, down from 60 years in the 1950s – and this is largely down to widespread technological disruption. From FinTech to ManufacturingTech and even BeautyTech, […]

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How Digital Transformation Is Upending Business Models, Rewriting The IT Operating Model

October 4, 2019

Via: CIO

A year ago, digital transformation was at the core of the 2018 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, as well as the rapidly changing role of the CIO. This year, says Steve Bates, Principal and leader of KPMG’s CIO Center of Excellence, […]

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How DXC Technology Utilizes Adobe Experience Platform to Deliver Hyper-Personalization

October 3, 2019

Via: CIO

Corporate decision makers, particularly chief marketing officers and their teams, increasingly rely on data to inform and drive decisions on strategy and to improve the customer experience (CX). But they’re finding it can be difficult when the data is inconsistent […]

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Big business: You, too, can growth hack

September 26, 2019

Via: CIO

Silicon Valley worships the growth-hacking mindset, yet large companies typically stop growing when they’ve hit an inflection point, and these drop offs are inevitable. Growth hacking helps with igniting that growth, rethinking situations, approaching problems with creativity, and liberating companies […]

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IT’s latest survival skill: Embracing risk

September 25, 2019

Via: CIO

If you’ve spent your career in IT, you’ve probably gotten really good at making sure nothing goes wrong. Outages are unacceptable, even if they’re only a few seconds long. Cybersecurity is a constant worry. Success is measured in reliability and […]