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Google proposes new privacy and anti-fingerprinting controls for the web

August 22, 2019

Via: Tech Crunch

Google today announced a new long-term initiative that, if fully realized, will make it harder for online marketers and advertisers to track you across the web. This new proposal follows the company’s plans to change how cookies in Chrome work […]

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Box introduces Box Shield with increased security controls and threat protection

August 21, 2019

Via: Tech Crunch

Box has always had to balance the idea of sharing content broadly while protecting it as it moved through the world, but the more you share, the more likely something can go wrong, such as misconfigured shared links that surfaced […]

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Stability vs. speed – pick two

August 20, 2019

Via: CIO

In holding various leadership positions in Operations engineering organizations over more than 20 years – either as a team lead, architect, or leading a global Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) organization – I developed a philosophy that I’ve used as guidance […]

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Data privacy is the new strategic differentiator

August 20, 2019

Via: CIO

In some cases, the phrase “hindsight is 20/20” paints hindsight as a weak form of insight. As in, “that point of view is fairly Captain Obvious, and hence any resulting insight may have little material value.” In other cases, hindsight […]

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10 IT modernization mistakes to avoid

August 19, 2019

Via: CIO

Sentara Healthcare embarked on its digital transformation journey two years ago, seeking to create better experiences and outcomes for its patients and providers. To transform, Michael J. Reagin, senior vice president and chief information and innovation officer at the Norfolk, […]

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How to do real-time analytics across historical and live data

August 14, 2019

Via: InfoWorld

Today’s analytical requirements are putting unprecedented pressures on existing data infrastructures. Performing real-time analytics across operational and stored data is typically critical to success but always challenging to implement. Consider an airline that wants to collect and analyze a continuous […]

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Enhancing trust in artificial intelligence: Audits and explanations can help

August 13, 2019

Via: CIO

There is a lively debate all over the world regarding AI’s perceived “black box” problem. Most profoundly, if a machine can be taught to learn itself, how does it explain its conclusions? This issue comes up most frequently in the […]

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Phishing top security threat to business

August 12, 2019

Via: ComputerWeekly

The majority of threats (89%) blocked by a security service developed by telecommunications firm Telefonica in collaboration with security firms McAfee and Allot are phishing-related. Earlier this year, a report by security firm Sophos revealed that phishing attacks aimed at […]

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Life cycle management: Let the sunshine in

August 12, 2019

Via: InfoWorld

Enterprise architecture is about the landscape of your organization. A landscape of people and IT and of the behavior of both. These landscapes have become very complex. In itself that complexity and the problems it brings has led to many […]

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Digital M&A: How to successfully execute a digital merger

August 8, 2019

Via: CIO

Technology has accelerated companies’ ability to accumulate market share through scalable, platform-based ecosystems of integrated digital products and services. This digital arms race has pressured companies across industries to acquire or merge with competitors in pursuit of economies of scale […]