For secure data backup, here’s how to do the 3-2-1 rule right

February 25, 2020

As the number of places where we store data increases, the basic concept of what is referred to as the 3-2-1 rule often gets forgotten. This is a problem, because the 3-2-1 rule is easily one of the most foundational […]

Stumbles, Fumbles, and Pratfalls: Steps to Avoid When Future-Proofing Your WAN

February 18, 2020

Category: BI Users, IT Users

When SD-WAN was introduced, it was widely seen as an MPLS alternative. Today just about any credible, Internet-based SD-WAN solution can be used to replace a regional MPLS network. The bigger question is what happens the day after you networked […]

AI will never replace good old human creativity

February 11, 2020

The European Patent Office recently turned down an application for a patent that described a food container. This was not because the invention was not novel or useful, but because it was created by artificial intelligence (AI). By law, inventors […]

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What Is Machine Learning’s Impact on Marketing Personalization?

February 20, 2020

Via: CMSWire

Marketers by now know machine learning has made an impact on marketing personalization efforts. Machine learning includes personalization use cases in the areas of lookalike modeling, churn analysis, cross-sell/upsell analysis and many others, according to a Forrester report last year […]

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How to build a collaboration environment for a changing workforce

February 19, 2020

Via: CIO

Most enterprise today are not the unified “all workers in the same space” environment that they were just a few years ago, when virtually everyone was in a corporate location and able to literally walk to the next office to […]