Data and Analytics: The Pandemic Lessons

January 6, 2022

Since the onset of the pandemic, when the world plunged into a state of suspended animation, “touchless business” has become more than a boardroom buzzword, a survival mechanism. Customer interactions have been digitized at a pace accelerated by three years, […]

Data Modeling Trends in 2022

December 28, 2021

A data model should show the relationships that exist between various customers, concepts, products, among many. Data Modeling describes the creation of a visual representation (a chart or diagram) of a data system, or parts of that system. It is […]

Advances in Data Architecture

December 23, 2021

The continuous growth of data has led to large corporations investing heavily in technologies around large data volumes, allowing them to gain useful business intelligence that was unavailable to their smaller competitors. The evolution of public clouds has made big […]

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Using a Data Lake Engine to Provide Self-Service Insights

January 20, 2022


Understanding and fulfilling customer needs is the key to business success, and customer data is the foundation upon which that success is built. Accessing and analyzing data is almost always dependent on data engineers and other IT staff, while decision-makers […]

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What Predictive Analytics Are and How They Can Help Your Business

January 20, 2022

Via: CMSWire

Analytics is an important part of managing a business today. There are many types of analytics techniques, with predictive and prescriptive analytics being two key ones. But what is predictive analytics, and what is it used for? Predictive Analytics Today […]

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How Data Analysts Are Helping Brands Evolve in a Data-Driven World

January 19, 2022


Data is one of the most important tools brands and retailers can use to effectively meet the needs of their customers. However, privacy concerns have altered how it will be collected going forward. Consumer consent has become critical, prompting Firefox, […]

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Data Governance Tools Support Data Management

January 19, 2022


Data Governance, and the tools supporting it, reflect the growing importance of “automated services” when dealing with the laws and regulations that have been developed to protect privacy and societal norms. Data Governance has become a necessity for organizations using […]