image credit: starline / Freepik

Streamlining Your Data Needs for Generative AI

June 26, 2024

Companies are investing heavily in AI projects as they see huge potential in generative AI. Consultancies have predicted opportunities to reduce costs and improve revenues through deploying generative AI – for example, McKinsey predicts that generative AI could add $2.6 to $4.4 trillion to global productivity. Yet at the same time, AI and analytics projects have historically struggled to get from proof of concept to production.

Gartner has found that only around 54% of AI projects have moved from testing into production. This means that a significant percentage of projects either don’t move forward or take longer to progress than is expected. These projects can also run into other problems around how they run in production and at scale. For example, Accenture estimates that only two percent of AI projects meet operational responsible AI guidelines in production.