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Why IT execs need to consider GraphQL

January 29, 2024

Via: InfoWorld

Enterprise IT has long been a morass of oft-conflicting infrastructure choices, and recent advances have arguably made things worse. Cloud, for example, promised to make everything better, but 10-plus years of cloud-native investments have complicated things by creating a thicket […]

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Navigating Growth Challenges with Microservices

October 31, 2023


Within the digital marketplace, it is impossible for businesses and organizations to thrive without staying current with the latest technologies. As digitization grows, so does the tech-centric reliance from global enterprises in automating and adapting their workflows to expand their […]

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Build Database Architectures for Microservices with FairCom

July 7, 2022

Via: Database Trends and Applications

The traditional approach of providing data access to applications via remote database servers is not ideal for microservices. And while SQL provides standard access to relational databases, GraphQL can be used with any type of database—and it returns JSON documents. […]