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6 ways IT leaders are jumpstarting innovation post-COVID

May 24, 2021

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Even as COVID restrictions begin to lift, IT teams may still get little reprieve from the breakneck pace they’ve maintained throughout the pandemic to orchestrate technical change. That’s because, most IT executives don’t believe the dust has fully settled — […]

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The Data Challenges of a Return to Service

April 28, 2021


COVID has been particularly rough on companies that provide in-person entertainment experiences–theme parks, cruise lines, movie theatres, casinos, concert promoters, resorts, etc. With summer approaching, we’re seeing signs that some of these companies may be opening up operations again. Disneyland, […]

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Measuring IT project success post-COVID—and 4 leadership lessons learned

December 15, 2020

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The pandemic has had a dramatic and adverse impact on companies of all sizes and geographic locations over the course of the past several months, including lost revenue, reduction of staff and cuts in IT budgets and spending. However, as […]