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Containers vs. Virtual Machines (and Why It Matters for Data Center Professionals)

June 27, 2023


In the world of IT not so very long ago, there was a significant shift that transformed the way we manage and deploy applications. Virtualization, a technology that made traditional infrastructure more efficient, gained immense popularity among Microsoft SQL Server […]

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Big Data Ecosystem Updates: Hadoop, Containers, and VMs Explained

October 27, 2021


Twenty years ago, a startup called VMware brought in business by providing a platform to create nonphysical machine virtualizations, such as Linux, Windows, and others. As server processing capacity increased, basic applications couldn’t maximize the use of all the abundant […]

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Data Containers Demystified: A Reliable Data Movement Solution

June 1, 2021


The Data Management industry has seen a significant rise in the recent interest of data containers. As Cloud Computing has gained popularity, methods for transporting data and its processing instructions, have been investigated, with data containers coming in as a […]

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Which is cheaper: Containers or virtual machines?

September 30, 2016

Via: CIO

The emergence of application containers has come with questions about where this technology fits in the enterprise technology landscape, and more specifically how it compares to virtual machines. A new report from 451 Research has some provocative findings on just […]