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What Is Data Reliability and Why Do You Need It?

April 9, 2024


“Can I trust this data?” In the dawning age of artificial intelligence (AI), this question becomes increasingly critical for individuals and organizations. Data reliability is the cornerstone of an organization’s data-driven decision-making. A recent survey from Precisely identified data-driven decision-making […]

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Which Data Quality Issues Are Plaguing Data Engineers Today?

August 10, 2023


We’ve all generally heard that data quality issues can be catastrophic. But what does that look like for data teams, in terms of dollars and cents? And who is responsible for dealing with data quality issues? To get to the […]

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5 Ways Data Leaders Can Improve Data Reliability

March 28, 2022


Businesses today collect and store an astonishing amount of data. According to estimates from IDC, 163 zettabytes of data will have been created worldwide by 2025. However, this data is not always useful to business leaders until it is organized […]