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The Data Engineer’s Roadmap

September 28, 2022


Data engineering is a fascinating and fulfilling career – you are at the helm of every business operation that requires data, and as long as users generate data, businesses will always need data engineers. In other words, job security is […]

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How to Become a Data Engineer

June 29, 2022


In 2020, an estimated 64.2 zettabytes of data were generated globally, and by 2025, that number is expected to rise to 180 zettabytes. Considering these figures, it’s no surprise that data professionals are in high demand. Those who know how […]

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Career roadmap: Data engineer

May 18, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

Data engineering combines elements of software engineering and data science and is one of the fastest-growing roles in IT. According to, data engineers develop and maintain the architecture used in data science projects. They are responsible for ensuring that […]

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15 best data science bootcamps for boosting your career

April 25, 2022

Via: CIO

An education in data science can help you land a job as a data analyst, data engineer, data architect, or data scientist. The data science path you ultimately choose will depend on your skillset and interests, but each career path […]