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What Is Data Architecture? Components and Uses

November 2, 2023


Data Architecture describes the infrastructure that connects a Business Strategy and Data Strategy with technical execution. Ideally, Data Architecture happens within a systematic framework, providing a foundation for people and systems to work with data. Three types of components underlie […]

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What is data governance? Best practices for managing data assets

March 24, 2023

Via: CIO

Data governance defines roles, responsibilities, and processes for ensuring accountability for and ownership of data assets across the enterprise. Data governance definition Data governance is a system for defining who within an organization has authority and control over data assets […]

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Metadata Management vs. Master Data Management

January 18, 2023


Businesses rely on knowing their data to survive and grow. Metadata management and master data management (MDM) provide essential processes for organizations to gain this knowledge and succeed. As a result, both need to be managed well. However, the differences […]

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Aligning Data Architecture and Data Strategy

May 25, 2022


Peter Aiken disagrees with the popular idea that it’s impossible to put a dollar value on Data Architecture. “It won’t be the right number, but it will be at least a dollar value on it, and if there’s money involved, […]

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Data Quality Dimensions

February 15, 2022


Data Quality dimensions are useful concepts for improving the quality of data assets. Although Data Quality dimensions have been promoted for many years, descriptions of how to actually use them have often been somewhat vague. Data that is considered to […]