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5 reasons developers love GraphQL, and 5 reasons they hate it

January 9, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

If your team is building an API, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about embracing GraphQL. If you’re a developer who wants to search for data, there’s a good chance the next generation of databases will want you to send your request in GraphQL. However you look at it, the query language is one of the hotter options for organizing how we search for data.

GraphQL was first created by Facebook in 2012 because the company needed a succinct and powerful way to search data structures in its immense social graph. Facebook (now Meta Platforms, Inc.) started sharing it publicly in 2015, and the company donated control to the nonprofit GraphQL Foundation in 2019. Today, dozens of companies are building out data search services using some form of GraphQL. The query language itself continues to evolve and the GraphQL Foundation has released a steady stream of ideas and improvements in new specifications.

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