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New Range of AI Integrations is Coming to IBM?s Mainframes, Operating Systems, and Private Clouds

October 9, 2023

Via: Database Trends and Applications

New AI toolkits, machine learning (ML) frameworks, and AI-based private cloud tools are coming to IBM Z-series mainframe users, as the company looks to preserve its share of the fast-growing AI marketplace. The company announced that its newest offerings, meant […]

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Top Three Ways to De-Risk Your IT Infrastructure

April 5, 2021


Enterprise organizations continue to operate in unchartered territory of uncertainty, accelerated digital transformation, and precarious human intervention into IT systems – all exacerbated by the ongoing COVID pandemic. These factors significantly increase risk for enterprises and make capacity planning, performance […]

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Which is cheaper: Public or private clouds?

October 20, 2016

Via: CIO

It’s a debate that’s raged on for years: Which is cheaper, public or private clouds? A new report from 451 Research finds that two of the most critical factors that influence the cost of a public versus a private cloud […]