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Boosting Enterprise Efficiency: The Rapid Rise of AI-Powered Robotic and Autonomous Systems

August 15, 2019

Via: CIO

From driver-assisted vehicles on our city streets to self-driving vehicles on our factory floors, robotic and autonomous systems are becoming commonplace. You may even have one in your home, vacuuming the floors for you while you stay busy with more meaningful work. The truth is, these hands-off systems are just about everywhere anymore.

In a sign of the growing adoption of robotic systems, the market-advisory firm ABI Research predicts that, by 2025, more than 4 million commercial robots will be on the job in over 50,000 warehouses, up from just under 4,000 robotic warehouses in 2018.1 And that’s just warehouses — that’s not the “everywhere else” where these worker bees are found.

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