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7 steps for turning shadow IT into a competitive edge

November 21, 2023

Via: CIO

Ask IT leaders about their challenges with shadow IT, and most will cite the kinds of security, operational, and integration risks that give shadow IT its bad rep. But for a select few, the deeper challenges of departmental technologies being funded, procured, and managed without IT involvement are the missed opportunities to better engage and fulfill departmental technology needs.

That’s not to downplay the inherent risks of shadow IT. There are ample reasons why 77% of IT professionals are concerned about shadow IT, according to a report from Entrust. After all, 41% of employees acquire, modify, or create technology outside of IT’s visibility, and 52% of respondents to EY’s Global Third-Party Risk Management Survey had an outage — and 38% reported a data breach — caused by third parties over the past two years.

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