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Learn how cloud computing works and how to get in on this booming job sector, for over 90% off

April 12, 2018

Via: The Next Web

Servers, maintenance teams, specially-outfitted rooms — the cost of keeping up an onsite IT network has become cost-prohibitive for more and more companies. The alternative: push all of your hosting needs to a cloud platform that can handle it all […]

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Oracle pitches autonomous capabilities for its entire cloud platform

February 12, 2018

Via: CIO

Oracle is raising its bid to attract enterprises moving to the cloud by extending AI-based automation throughout its PaaS (platform as a service) offerings, claiming that the new automated services will cut costs and reduce management headaches. The company is […]

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12 essential steps to successfully move your business to the cloud

February 9, 2018

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The cloud is the quintessential way to do business in 2018. It allows you complete access to your data faster, easier and more effectively. Adding the cloud to your operations also means you are able to do more with less […]

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Why CIOs need their head in the cloud

September 1, 2017

Via: CIO

The cloud presents one of the biggest industry disruptions in years. And while you may be sick of talking about it, CIOs need to get their heads in the cloud in order to help their company safely and successfully navigate […]

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Investing in Cloud to Achieve Business Growth

August 29, 2017

Via: CIO

The shift from cost savings to business growth is on for enterprise cloud computing. Cloud deployments are reaching a tipping point, with companies expecting to have 60% of their total IT environments in a public, private, or hybrid cloud by 2018, […]

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Oracle’s next big business is selling your info

May 9, 2017

Via: CIO

There’s a decent chance you’re part of Oracle’s next big business. Not selling products to you, but selling you as a product. That’s the idea behind the Oracle Data Cloud, a massive pool of information about consumers and companies. The […]

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Email, email, in the cloud

May 8, 2017

Via: CIO

As my company continues to move enterprise applications to the cloud, the latest development presents a security opportunity. We are giving up our on-premises Microsoft Exchange email in favor of the Microsoft Office 365 service. With the transition, we might […]

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65% of enterprise workloads still in on-premises data centers, study finds

May 1, 2017

Via: CIO

There’s a cloud option out there for almost every IT workload, but a survey from the Uptime Institute indicates that about two-thirds of enterprise computing is still done in company-owned data centers. The study, which polled more than 1,000 IT […]

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NetSuite and Oracle unveil combined plans for global cloud domination

April 27, 2017

Via: CIO

SuiteWorld 2017 was destined to herald a new direction for cloud computing following Oracle’s $9.7 billion (£7.6 billion) acquisition of NetSuite in November last year. The largest cloud ERP conference in the world has moved across the Serra Nevada mountain […]

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Deep dive on AWS vs. Azure vs. Google cloud storage options

April 25, 2017

Via: CIO

One of the most common use cases for public IaaS cloud computing is storage and that’s for good reason: Instead of buying hardware and managing it, users simply upload data to the cloud and pay for how much they put […]