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The risk of VPN

February 1, 2024

Via: Network World

Zero Trust is not a single technology or architecture, but a set of principles to help you improve your business security posture. Minimizing the network attack surface should be the first item on your Zero Trust journey. The goal is […]

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How to Protect Your Data Against Bad Actors During Pandemics and Beyond

April 27, 2021


The number-one enterprise pain point, according to new research on those who used a VPN for network access and/or security measures, is inadequate security. This was the finding based on new research, conducted for DH2i prior to the COVID-19 stay-at-home […]

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Converging Privacy and Cybersecurity Brings Tighter Workplace Practices for Companies

April 13, 2021


It is ironic to witness the rate of cyberattacks, data breaches, and unauthorized use of personal data growing directly proportional to laws being established to regulate the collection, use, retention, disclosure, and disposal of personal information worldwide. With the growing […]

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Maintain data security when staff is working from home

March 12, 2020

Via: Tech Crunch

The coronavirus pandemic has left governments floundering, businesses unprepared and citizens scrambling for hand sanitizer like it’s worth its weight in gold. The sense of general unpreparedness has a lot of people on edge. Not surprising, since we’re on the […]

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Independent study measures which of these 12 VPNs is best

June 26, 2018

Via: The Next Web

German IT security institute AV Test put the most popular VPNs through a battery of tests to determine which one is the best for consumers. Today, it revealed the results of those tests. Twelve popular VPNs were put on trial, […]