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Failure to patch known ImageMagick flaw for months costs Facebook $40k

January 19, 2017

Via: CIO

It’s not common for a security-conscious internet company to leave a well-known vulnerability unpatched for months, but it happens. Facebook paid a US$40,000 reward to a researcher after he warned the company that its servers were vulnerable to an exploit […]

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NTP fixes denial-of-service flaws

November 24, 2016

Via: CIO

The Network Time Foundation’s Network Time Protocol Project has patched multiple denial-of-service vulnerabilities with the release of ntp-4.2.8p9. The last update to the open source protocol used to synchronize computer clocks was in June. “NTP users are strongly urged to […]

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Flaw in vBulletin add-on leads to Ubuntu Forums database breach

July 18, 2016

Via: CIO

Ubuntu support forums users should be on the lookout for dodgy emails after the website’s database of 2 million email addresses was stolen. Canonical announced the security breach on Friday after being notified that someone was claiming to have a […]