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IT leaders focus on enterprise software to drive cost savings

March 1, 2024

Via: Computer Weekly

The 2024 Technology spending intentions study shows that over half (53%) of EMEA IT decision-makers say project management is their top business applications priority of 2024, followed by enterprise resource planning (ERP) at 50%. The survey suggests organisations are optimising […]

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How to calculate TCO for enterprise software

February 1, 2024

Via: CIO

When organizations buy a shiny new piece of software, attention is typically focused on the benefits: streamlined business processes, improved productivity, automation, better security, faster time-to-market, digital transformation. The other side of the cost/benefit equation — what the software will […]

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Enterprise software price hikes risk derailing digital transformation

June 15, 2023

Via: Computer Weekly

The price hike in software licences and cloud-based services is no longer just an issue for IT asset managers. The increases are so large that the problem has become a board-level issue, warned ITAM Review’s managing director, Rich Gibbons, at […]

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7 trends defining the enterprise IT market today

April 11, 2023

Via: CIO

When Tim Potter, principal at Deloitte Consulting,surveys the current enterprise software and services landscape, he sees potential for IT organizations to spur both innovation and rapid growth. “Enterprises continue to seek software and technology solutions to improve services, deliver more […]

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How Intelligent Enterprise Software Is Transforming Business Processes

March 14, 2023


Between OpenAI’s research release of its language model ChatGPT and Microsoft’s inclusion of an embedded (and still improving) artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot in its Bing search engine, it’s impossible to escape news about the rise of AI. Of course, these […]

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A modern approach to enterprise software development

November 15, 2022

Via: ComputerWeekly

By 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by people who are not full-time technical professionals. This is one of the findings revealed by Gartner during its annual Symposium in Barcelona. Combined with robotic process automation (RPA) […]

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4 trends disrupting managed infrastructure services

December 7, 2021

Via: CIO

While corporate data centers supported by managed infrastructure services were once in the background supporting business operations, they have now moved to the forefront of strategic planning and targeted investment decisions. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) models must change to empower […]

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Data and analytics in 2020: Industry predictions

December 26, 2019

Via: ZDnet

There’s no shortage of experts and opinions in the world of data and analytics. But the end of the year provides a nice forcing function to collect analyses and prognostications, then slice, dice and summarize them. This year, as you […]