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IT job growth flattens as economic concerns persist

January 9, 2024

Via: Network World

The number of new IT jobs created in calendar year 2023 flattened with just 700 positions added, which signals continued concern among hiring managers around economic uncertainty and growing demand for skills focused on emerging technologies. For comparison, 2022 saw […]

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How customers can save money during periods of economic uncertainty

December 1, 2023

Via: CIO

Saving money is a top priority for many organizations, particularly during periods of economic uncertainty. Today, security, networking, and IT teams are faced with reduced headcount, shrinking budgets, and the very real need to do more with less. Yesterday’s hub-and-spoke […]

BI Security

How customers capture real economic value with zero trust

November 30, 2023

Via: CIO

Hub-and-spoke networks and castle-and-moat security architectures were designed for days gone by when users, apps, and data all resided on premises. But in today’s world, endlessly extending the network to more branch offices, remote users, and cloud apps, and defending […]