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IT leaders struggle with application modernization, survey finds

August 10, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

A majority of IT leaders said in a recent survey that they struggle with the process of application modernization, according to a report from Asperitas Consulting. Application modernization, according to Gartner, is the process of migrating legacy systems to new […]

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3 application modernization mistakes to avoid

July 26, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

Application modernization takes existing applications and data sets that run businesses and makes them more useful, productive, and attractive. As I stated before, some see application modernization as “putting lipstick on a pig,” but it should not just make applications […]

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5 Steps Toward Cloud-Native App Modernization and Business Value

June 8, 2021

Via: CIO

A cloud migration can give organizations greater cost and operational control. Beyond moving from a Capex to Opex model, cloud offers the flexibility to turn resources up or down based on business demand and the need to control costs. Yet, […]