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Strategies for dealing with the enterprise technology skills crisis

April 12, 2022

Via: CIO

Australia is facing a technology skills crisis. Enterprises everywhere are having trouble finding the people they need to carry out key roles in their IT departments in just about every discipline, from data analytics to cloud computing and cyber security. […]

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The importance of converging the Security Service Edge

April 8, 2022

Via: CIO

Cybersecurity strategies for years have been grounded in protecting the perimeter of the corporate network. Yet, as nearly every organization learned during the COVID-19 crisis, that perimeter no longer exists. Nearly all new software functionality is now deployed as a […]

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Strategies and Considerations for Auditing Your Database System

August 18, 2021

Via: Database Trends and Applications

One of the major drivers behind auditing is compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in the U.S. requires that healthcare providers deliver audit trails about anyone and everyone who touches any data in their records. The EU’s General […]

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Real IT leadership: Selling the transformative dream

August 9, 2021

Via: Network World

We talk a lot about how IT leaders need to formulate the right strategies and ensure the right technologies snap into place. But to make a real difference, IT leaders need to be change agents. Most of us know, for […]

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4 strategies for retaining IT talent

May 20, 2021

Via: CIO

Some are calling it the turnover tsunami: One in four workers plans to quit their current jobs once the pandemic is over. That number jumps to one in three for Millennials and employees with children. As for the IT profession, […]

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Project management guide: Tips, strategies, best practices

February 19, 2021

Via: CIO

Project management is a complex discipline rife with enough key phases, knowledge areas, and terms to fill a glossary. To simplify the key components of successful project management, offers the following comprehensive guide to project management, including tips, strategies […]

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Adobe Experience Cloud Helps Personalize the Customer Experience with AI & Machine Learning

June 13, 2019

Via: CIO

There are a few strategies that outrank personalization when it comes to building effective customer relationships for your business. In fact, a survey we conducted unveiled that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that offer personalized […]

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New Data Center Challenges Demand New Strategies

January 9, 2019

Via: CIO

The deluge of data from sensors and devices, combined with AI and other applications that consume big data, is putting extreme pressure on data center infrastructure. IDG recently sat down with Brian Schwarz, VP of Product Management at Pure Storage®, […]