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The Key to Unstructured Data Management: Communicating About Your Data

March 23, 2023


Sharing information about what’s happening with the unstructured data in your organization is much more difficult than it might appear. Miscommunication can negatively impact virtually every aspect of your organization, from your IT, storage teams, and app developers – all […]

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Unstructured data and the storage it needs

February 27, 2023

Via: ComputerWeekly

IDC estimates that upwards of 80% of business information is likely to be formed of unstructured data by 2025. And while “unstructured” can be something of a misnomer, because all files have some sort of metadata by which they can […]

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What is a data lake? Massively scalable storage for big data analytics

April 29, 2022

Via: InfoWorld

In 2011, James Dixon, then CTO of the business intelligence company Pentaho, coined the term data lake. He described the data lake in contrast to the information silos typical of data marts, which were popular at the time:If you think […]

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Machine learning turns unstructured secondary storage into globally accessible data

August 23, 2018

Via: CIO

Charles Darwin was rumored to have said something to the effect of “It’s not the strongest or smartest that survives. Rather it’s the species that’s the most adaptable to change.” This axiom has never been truer in the business world […]

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IBM’s Cleversafe storage platform is becoming a cloud service

October 13, 2016

Via: CIO

If dispersing data among storage nodes can make it more secure and less prone to loss, wouldn’t spreading it across far-flung cloud data centers make it even more so? If so, IBM has the right idea with its Cloud Object […]