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Maximize the ROI of Your Enterprise Data Lake

October 14, 2022


With organizations embracing digitization in a big way, the generation of data has grown manifold. According to IDC, the growth of data will be huge across industries, from 16 zettabytes to 160 zettabytes. The data being talked about is useful […]

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CIOs look to foster innovative IT cultures, post-COVID

May 11, 2022

Via: CIO

Asked to define innovation today, most IT leaders will agree: It’s all about digitization and finding new and better ways of thinking about processes and services to solve a problem. “Around here, we think of it as a stool with […]

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Industry 4.0: Make Data-Driven Decisions Immediately

August 31, 2021


What if a cyber-physical world — fueled by data — shortened production and manufacturing decisions to the time it takes to adjust a thermostat’s temperature? This just begins to describe Industry 4.0. According to a recent McKinsey article, Industry 4.0 […]

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How CIOs can become corporate board directors

January 23, 2019

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CIOs who have led successful executive management careers often see corporate board service as the next stage of their career. For years, this was a tall order, as boards prized CEO experience over technology. But today, with cyber risk, digitization, […]

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Agility and architecture

September 24, 2018

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I seriously doubt that agile initiatives can have success in the long run if they are not supported by an enterprise and business architecture framework that can be reused and enhanced from one project to the next. Digital transformation is […]