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4 Essential Tools for DevSecOps Teams

September 19, 2022


DevSecOps (short for Development, Security, and IT Operations) extends the principles of DevOps to include secure development practices. DevOps is a development method designed to create, test, and release software quickly, with high quality, and with the ability to rapidly […]

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Reinvesting in Your Research and Development

September 16, 2020

Via: CMSWire

Ask yourself this question: which website, app or system feels like it was really designed and made for someone like you? Something that understands your needs, your tasks, your priorities — and meets or exceeds your expectations? Go ahead, I’ll […]

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How to Encourage Digital Literacy

July 22, 2020

Via: CMSWire

With COVID-19 forcing many offices to close worldwide, digital literacy is becoming a requirement. According to a report by Pew Research Center, however, only 40% of Americans surveyed could correctly answer questions about social media, tech policies and data privacy. […]

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What developers must know about master data management

May 21, 2020

Via: InfoWorld

Until now, as a developer, you’ve been able to develop specialized mobile applications, APIs, and internal workflow applications without a lot of interference from the data architecture, analytics, and marketing departments. Now, for the first time, they’re asking you about […]

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How product managers can bring human insights to agile development

September 20, 2019

Via: The Next Web

Today’s product manager is “the mini-CEO of the product,” a McKinsey report says. It’s a huge job, occupying the intersection between customers, business issues, and products. Product managers must understand customer needs, prioritize features, and work with the engineering team […]

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Delegation IS leadership development

September 18, 2019

Via: CIO

There is a lot of discussion about CIO leadership in professional and academic circles. One topic that rarely makes headlines is developing the next generation of CIOs. Technical training and the accumulation of acronym-heavy credentials is the norm in IT […]

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Software development is broken — here’s how to fix it

August 26, 2019

Via: The Next Web

In the software industry, the product development cycle is broken. It’s costly. It’s laborious. And too often, product teams fail to meet their customers’ needs. And this is especially true in the business-to-business market. More than one in three “enterprise […]

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How old, once-unusable geometry ideas are now helping us apply big data to medicine

March 7, 2019

Via: The Next Web

Your brain is made up of billions of neurons connected by trillions of synapses. And how they’re arranged gives rise to the brain’s functionality and to your personality. That’s why scientists in Switzerland recently produced the first-ever digital 3D brain […]

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Digital transformation and harnessing the power of the modern distributed workforce

December 6, 2018

Via: CIO

Over the past decade, the global workforce has evolved substantially, and it is accelerating. The drivers of this evolution are many fold. The global competitive landscape is relentless; there are generational shifts giving rise to different work modes and behavior; […]

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A front-row seat to transforming the future

December 4, 2018

Via: CIO

1859 was an important year in the oil industry. Edwin Drake and George Bissell introduced the first successful oil drilling rig on Oil Creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania. It was also the year that Jean-Joseph Étienne Lenoir began producing his single-cylinder […]

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Every Company Needs a Bridge Builder to Close the Data Gap

November 15, 2018

Via: CIO

In a recent report, Gartner wrote that most organizations have identified the need to build a data-driven organization, a development reflected by the increasing appointment of chief data officers (CDO). At the same time NewVantage Partners, a consultancy, reports that […]

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AI and the future of work

May 8, 2018

Via: CIO

AI means lots of different things to different people. But the really important development in the last decade has been the spectacular improvements in machine learning, a version of AI that allows software to exhibit cognitive capacities through training by […]

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Machine learning won’t kill lawyers, but blockchain will

February 14, 2018

Via: The Next Web

I fear for the professions. Those which have enjoyed a monopoly for so long due to their protection by Royal Societies and Official registries. Those which require accreditation and continued professional development. I’m not saying they never provided a quality […]