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How Encryption Works to Preserve Data Privacy

January 3, 2023


Cryptography and privacy go hand in hand: Leveraging cryptography to encrypt data for the purposes of preserving privacy isn’t a new concept. In fact, data encryption itself is quite easy. The far greater challenge is data decryption – or, put […]

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Data Clean Rooms: Share Your Corporate Data Fearlessly

December 9, 2022


Data sharing has become more complex, both in its application and our relationship to it. There is a tension between the need for personalization and the need for privacy. Businesses must share data to be effective and ultimately provide tailored […]

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In Exchange for Sharing Data, Customers Expect a Personalized Experience – Not Irrelevance

August 24, 2022


Consumers regularly receive information that is irrelevant to their current interests or situation – and they’re none too pleased. According to a recent survey commissioned by my company, 70% of consumers surveyed said they receive mistargeted information at least once […]

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Data sharing: How can we make sure the UK is a world leader?

August 19, 2022

Via: ComputerWeekly

Ensuring that both personal and industrial data can flow responsibly across the entire economy is vital for achieving the ambitions of the National Data Strategy. Facilitating greater private sector data sharing has been one of the strategy’s key priorities, highlighted […]

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Recent Cyber Threats Highlight the Need for Data Protection

June 9, 2022


Earlier this year multiple European governments and media agencies were given a stark reminder of the pervasive cybersecurity threats that exist in a world without traditional network perimeters. The Zimbra webmail zero-day attacks sent organizations scrambling to contain the damage […]

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12 Benefits of Data Sharing via APIs

May 24, 2022


Data sharing is a hot topic. Multiple analysts and consultancies have been featuring data sharing as one of the key enablers to successful business partnerships and accelerated growth. Both Gartner and McKinsey have good articles; indeed, Gartner boldly claims that […]

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Data sharing: a problematic idea in search of a problem to solve

August 30, 2018

Via: CIO

The latest data sharing proposal comes from Prof. Myer-Schonberger, whose previous work on big data and the right to delete information won him a wide following in policy circles. The key idea is that companies above a certain size would […]

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How IT can reshape patient care

July 10, 2018

Via: CIO

Imagine having the ability to detect cancerous tissue within 10 seconds via a pen-shaped device, or the ability to receive an organ donation on-demand via a 3D printer. These scenarios are becoming a reality, as the frontend of healthcare technology […]