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The ‘why’ of digital transformation is the key to unlocking value

March 30, 2021

Via: CIO

SAP’s 2027 deadline extension on S/4HANA migration has lit a fire under many businesses that had long put it off. Now it’s a priority.

However, S/4HANA is only as good as the value you get out of it, and too often businesses are choosing to make the jump for a simple technology upgrade without thinking through how that upgrade may or may not actually serve up new value. This is a major problem, because for all the new benefits and innovations that S/4HANA brings to the table, these simply cannot be attained by technology updates alone. Worse still, an S/4HANA migration can actually result in a negative ROI if you haven’t done the careful upfront analysis on what exactly you need and want to get out of it.

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