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What is a product management manifesto and why do you need it?

February 5, 2018

Via: CIO

In the first part of this series, an initial look at Planview’s product manager philosophy – the “product manager manifesto” – focused on many of the critical cross-organizational roles the product manager plays. There’s no doubt that product managers wear many hats, including evangelist, product champion, sales liaison, developer and marketer, just to name a few.As a reminder from last time:

  1. You are both internal champion and external voice for your product/product area.
  2. You serve sales and development as primary customers.
  3. Your job is a combination of inbound (product management) and outbound (product marketing).
  4. You are responsible for defining the positioning of any new capabilities delivered in your product/product area.
  5. You are the expert on the competition for your product/product area.

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