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BrandPost: Is Splunk Big Data’s Big Solution?

February 22, 2018

Via: CIO

There’s been a security breach. It’s every CIO and CTO’s nightmare. Your tech team is at a standstill, with no idea what happened, and the clock is ticking. Suddenly, that quiet guy in the corner – yes, the one who wears the same black hoodie every day – has the answer. And how did he find it? Splunk – the Big Data analysis tool that may just be the best software technology a lone IT ranger ever sneaked in the back door of your enterprise.

Founded in 2003, Splunk has seen its success rise in tandem with the rush of organizations undergoing digital transformation. Very simply put, Splunk is a software platform that indexes machine data and turns it into accessible, actionable intelligence. The company’s motto is “any question, any data, one Splunk” – and they mean it.

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