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3 reasons why AI strategy is HR strategy

May 23, 2023

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When Karim Lakhani, co-founder of the Digital, Data, and Design Institute at Harvard University, talks about AI, I pay attention. I’ve previously written about how national survey data collected last year by DataStax (my employer) proved out predictions Lakhani made […]

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Your AI strategy’s secret ingredient

February 9, 2022

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AI is increasingly becoming a business imperative. Nine in 10 Fortune 1000 companies are not only investing in AI, but are increasing those investments, with 92% reporting measurable business benefits from their current AI use — up from 72% in […]

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How AI Can Make You a Next-Generation CIO

January 15, 2019

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To say a CIO’s job is difficult is a gross understatement. Carrying out routine IT duties and deploying cutting-edge innovations makes for a tough balancing act. Toss in the fact that every CIO in the world is now under pressure […]

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A practical guide to KBQ-led enterprise AI strategy

November 30, 2018

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When “big data” reached the apex of the technological hype cycle several years ago, one would have been hard-pressed to find an enterprise that wasn’t scrambling to accumulate massive unstructured datasets — whether they needed them or not. The haphazardness […]